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Frequently asked questions about Electrolysis

1.What causes unwanted hair growth?
   Many factors contribute to unwanted hair growth and in combination can cause a problem. Some factors 
     are heredity, hormonal imbalance, stress, whether physical or psychological.  Normal life changes such as
     puberty, pregnancy, menopause, medical conditions such as PCOS, or even some medications like birth
     control pills. Temporary methods of hair removal like waxing or tweezing can also make a minor problem

2. What is Electrolysis?
    A pre-sterilized disposable needle is slid into the hair follicle. It does not puncture the skin. A small amount
    of electrical current is applied, causing destruction of the papilla and the surrounding regenerative cells.
    That will loosen the hair in the follicle, and then it is tweezed out. Each hair must be treated individually.
    The needle that is used is very fine, it's about the same diameter of the hair, and about 1/4 inch long.

3. How many treatments are necessary?
    An electrolysis treatment program must be tailored to meet each person's need. Most clients need weekly
      treatments in the beginning to be the most effective. The ideal client will let me clear the area in each
      treatment, so there is no need for you to tweeze, pluck, or wax the area in between treatments.  As time
      passes you will have less hair, and will need treatments less frequently. The closer the client is to
      completion, the shorter the appointments are and the further apart they are spaced. The success of
      electrolysis depends on the commitment of the client to get treatments as needed.

4. Is Electrolysis painful?
     Electrolysis can be described as uncomfortable yet tolerable. Most people are surprised at how it feels.
       You do not feel the, you only feel the current. The tiny needle does not pierce the skin, it slides along
       the side of the hair into the follicle. There are many different methods and settings on my machine that
       I can utilize to make the treatment comfortable for anyone. During your free consultation I will remove a
       few hairs so you can see what it feels like. I also use a topical anesthetic for more comfort.

5. Is Electrolysis safe?
     Electrolysis is a very safe procedure. Precautions are followed which include hand washing and the
        use of gloves, pre-sterilized disposable needles,paper barriers for clients, and dry heat sterilization for
        tweezers. Prior to treatment the skin is cleansed and an antiseptic is used. For sensitive areas a topical
        anesthetic is used to numb the area.  After care includes Newsprint which is  a triple antibiotic cream.
        Electrolysis has been safe and effective for over 125 years. The long term safety of laser hair removal has
        not been established as it's relatively new.

6. Is Electrolysis permanent?
    According to the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association electrolysis is
       the ONLY method of permanent hair removal, and has effectively been used for 125 years.

7. Do you have more questions?
    Please call me and I will do my best to answer any other questions 260-432-7957.
     If you prefer you may email me at susiespurg@gmail.com




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